Meeting 4: Emptiness - program

Phonological Theory Agora: Emptiness

October 6th, 59-61 rue Pouchet Paris


10-12             Tutorial

                       Sabrina Bendjaballah (CNRS UMR 6310-LLING) & Eva Zimmermann (Leipzig University)

12-14              Lunch Break

14-16              Make a claim and defend it

                      1) Nicola Lampitelli (Tours, CNRS LLL): Zero ≠ emptiness: a case study from Piedmontese

                      2) Samantha Ruovoletto (Nancy): The importance of being empty: h-aspiré and liaison in French

                      3) Xiaoliang Luo (Orléans, CNRS LLL): Zero ≠ absence: evidence from Chinese tone

                      4) Shanti Ulfsbjorninn (UCL, London): There are empty positions and (lexically) inhibited empty positions: evidence from a classless analysis of Italian

16                  Coffee break

                      5) Diana Passino (Nice, CNRS BCL UMR 7320): Empty structure sheds light on rare patterns

                      6) Guillaume Enguehard (Orléans, CNRS LLL): Phonology is an empty tridimensional cube

                      7) Gertjan Postma (Meertens): What is an empty syntactic category?

17:30             General Discussion followed by business meeting

20                  Dinner