Meeting 2: detailed program

December 10th & 11th - Nijmegen
These events are connected to the Going Romance conference and are organized at the same place.

10th December

11th December

10 - 12

Phonology Session Going Romance 29

10 - 12

Tutorial delivered by Haike Jacobs (Radboub University, Nijmegen)

In this tutorial I would like to criticially review previous theoretical analyises of counter-feeding lenition interactions. The way lenition took place in the historical phonology of the Romamce languages, the way it takes places in contemporary Romance varieties, and, the way it takes place from a broader cross-linguistic perspective (Gurevich, 2004), all point to a preferred counter-feeding interaction. Structuralist's claims (Martinet, 1955) that the maintenance of contrast is the explanatory factor behind it, have thus far escaped a theoreticallly satisfactory formalization. Rules-based models are unable to differentiate between preferred and dispreferred interactions, OT fits uneasily with counter-feeding relationships, Articulatory Phonology has come up with phonetically grounded reasons for leniting in general, but has no principled way of accounting for a preferred counter-feeding implementation, bi-directional OT with cue and markedness constraints (Boersma 2010) is hampered similarly. After reviewing these previous accounts I will try to show that a bi-directional, harmonically serial version of OT might shed new light on this issue.  

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